External support – temporerily.

Fast, flexible and proven.

Fast availability, target-focused, high professional competence, broad industry knowledge and many years of experience as well as a critical view from the outside. An experienced interim manager offers all of this when finding a solution to a problem.

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Why an interim manager is worthwhile:


The biggest advantage of interim management is the rapid availability and immediate deployment of an interim manager. Thanks to his years of expertise and specific know-how, he can quickly identify with the organisation and his task. Especially when filling important vacancies at short notice or in a crisis situation, it therefore makes sense to use an experienced interim manager.


With broad industry expertise and concentrated knowledge, the interim manager offers opportunities for new approaches and a critical view from the outside. This contributes constructively to the further development of the organisation and thus creates new competitive advantages.


The temporary assignment requires the interim manager to find and implement quick and effective solutions. Thanks to his many years of experience, he knows the challenges in the organisation and can act quickly and effectively.


The interim manager concentrates exclusively on the task assigned to him and does not pursue his own career goals with the client. Focused on the mandate, he provides quick solutions and added value for the client.

What is Interim Management?

The interim manager, also called a temporary manager, is a specialist who is temporarily employed for a specific purpose in a company. As an external project manager, he or she assumes management tasks and responsibility for results. As a rule, interim managers are used for specific projects, to bridge management bottlenecks, to introduce new programmes, to set up a company and to solve challenging situations where specialist know-how is needed.